The Confession

Cover of "The Confession"

Taylor Snook is the main villainess of "The Confession", book #38 of R.L. Stine's original Fear Street (published on May 1, 1996). She was a part of the friend group of protagonist Julie, as she was the girlfriend of Julie's shy friend Sandy Miller. Despite Taylor's habit of flirting with other boys, even right in front of him, Sandy was completely devoted to Taylor. The group had an enemy in Al Freed, a former friend who had gotten involved in a bad crowd and was now blackmailing them with their secrets to make them do whatever he wanted. Soon after Al threatened the group and punched Sandy in the face, Al was found dead outside the Shadyside Roller Rink by Julie, strangled with a pair of skates. After Al's funeral, Sandy told the group that he had killed Al to stop the blackmail, with Taylor appearing heartbroken by Sandy's confession.

After some discussion, Julie and the others agreed to keep Sandy's secret covered. But over time, as Julie began to fear Sandy, Taylor became angry at her and Hillary Walker (a friend who shared Julie's feelings) and even attacked Hillary at one point. Soon after, though, Hillary gathered everyone at her house and announced that she had went to confront Sandy about what he'd done to Al. The conversation turned into a fight in which Hillary accidentally killed Sandy. At that moment, Taylor made her villainous reveal by saying that Sandy didn't have to die--because she had killed Al, not him.

She went on to reveal how Al had been blackmailing her to steal money from her parents for him, and she confronted him outside the roller rink to make him stop. When he didn't, Taylor snapped and killed him, and Sandy took the blame to protect her. Just when Taylor was about to attack Hillary, Sandy suddenly entered the house, revealing that Hillary's "confession" was just a ruse to make Taylor admit to killing Al. It can be assumed that Taylor was soon afterwards arrested.

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