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Taurez (Katharine Isabelle) is a secondary antagonist in the 2001 episode "Wired" (S01E15), for the TV series "The Immortal".

Taurez is a demon henchwoman for Rodan (Richard Ian Cox), who is attempting to tap into the despair and misery of human souls by converting it into music that allows him to control humans.

We first see Taurez and Rodan visit a disco, where he uses a mechanical device to hypnotize and control all the dancers by dancing the same way.  Taurez convinces him to make them all act like chickens.  After having some fun, she walks through the crowd as they all stand at attention, and he gets them to chant Rodan in unison.  Rodan later hynpotizes Dr. Sara Beckman (April Telek) into being his love slave, much to the disagreement of the jealous Taurez.  In retaliation, Taurez hynpotizes Goodwin (Steve Braun).

Next we see Taurez and Rodan have lured Goodwin to their sound studio, where Taurez is introduced as his producer.  They tie Goodwin up and attach electrodes to his body and skull in attempt to take his soul.  They also capture Raphael (Lorenzo Lomas) and place him in a seperate sound room.

Rodan plans to use his 300+ years of experience to generate his most powerful music using Goodwin and Raphael.  They plan to use the soundtrack to produce a world wide satanic club of zombies.

Taurez tries to break Raphael by blasting him with high-intesity music, but he uses meditation to resist it.  Taurez gets irritated with him, and after turning the music up, the speaker system shorts out, and blows a circuit.  Just then, Raphael jumps up through the glass into the control room.  He takes out his sword and runs Taurez through with it, and she falls backward through the window to the sound room below.


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