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The unnamed murderous Tattooist

The unnamed Tattooist (Samantha Simkiss) is the titular villainess of Tattooist, a short horror film released by Crypt TV (release date May 17, 2017). The film began with the women seemingly at work giving a tattoo to a client, with a record playing in the background.

But as the film progressed, the woman's true intentions were made clear when she pulled a scalpel out of her box of tools and began slicing into the man's back, later peeling off the skin. With her victim dead, the evil tattooist admired her depraved work before later putting it in a frame and placing it on the wall, the skin now having a drawing of the man's face on it. As the villainess walked away, other similarly framed skins were shown on the wall, revealing the tattooist as a serial killer who took pieces of her victims' skins to serve as trophies.



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