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Tascha (Anastasia Trovato) is a villainess in 2004 film, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.

Tascha is the main henchwoman for media mogal, Biscane in a scheme to take over the minds of the worlds population. They intend to do this by playing a brainwashing TV clip they have on a disc which slips from their hands to the super babies.

During the big fight towards the end she and Kylie (Skyler Shaye) collide into each other whilst trying trying to catch the disc mid-air. They have a quick bout as Tascha is easily knocked and sent flying to the floor in seconds. 

While all the other cronies have been defeated Biscane wakes her up, dazed she sneaks behind the protagonists, retrieves the disc and throws it up to him. The babies kick Biscane into the machine that transformed them into their super selves and he, wanting to become everything he's ever wanted, presses a button that wasn't there before and becomes a baby, much to his despair.

Shocked and devastated to what has happened, Tashca faints cross-eyed falling onto a pile of her defeated fellow cronies and sinks down to the bottom.



Anastasia Travato KO and Faint

Anastasia Travato KO and Faint

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