Taru (Lauren Heather McMahon) is one of the main cretins in the 1986 Troma film "Class of Nuke 'Em High". 

Taru is originally one of the high schools honor students, that specializes in science classes. However, the honor students are turned into Cretins or freeks after smoking one too many toxic joints.  As a result, Taru is now one of the henchwoman for Spike (Robert Prichard).  

Taru captures Chrissy (Janelle Brady) and brings her to Spike.  They begin torturing her and are about to slice off her nipples with a saw. However, they are stopped when Warren (Gil Brenton) steps in and distracts them. Then the bloodthirsty mutant shows up behind Spike and Chrissy. The mutant punches his fist all the way through Chrissy's head.  As she lies on the ground dead, the tentacles of the mutant slither across her body.


  • Taru was initially planned to be main antagonist Spike's girlfriend and the primary female villain in the film.  However, McMahon was in a serious car accident after filming her infamous scene near the end of the movie. Parts of the story were rewritten, and the cretin Muffey (Theo Cohan) was created to fill the role.


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