Tarantula is the main female antagonist (accompanied by two male fellow dictators, "the Butcher" and "the Marquis") of the Franco-Belgian comic series "Polstar".

The three dictators rule ruthless and apparently don't age. This, because they run a secret clone programm and transfer their will occasionally to their younger selves. Tarantula has a high libido, often inviting security guards for sex, but she always feeds them to her pet spider afterwards. She seems not to be a true sexual sadist, though. More likely a "sexual sociopath", who gets bored of her mates, as soon, as it's over.

After the rebels, lead by Polstar, "the Monkey" and Abigal invaded the dictator's residence, destroyed the clone laboratory and already killed the Marquis and Butcher, Tarantula managed to separate "the Monkey" from the rest and seduced him, offering luxuries (like real grapes instead of the food pills, he ate all his life) and sex. She offered him to rule side by side with her, all alone by herself like she was now anyway, gave him a gun and undressed herself. She succeeded to lure "the Monkey" into her bed, but while having sex with him, Polstar appeared through an air duct. She tried the same with Polstar, but failed on him, since henchmen of the government killed his wife, children and "mother". (Well actually, they only destroyed the incubator, he was raised in, but this put him even more into rage then the killing of his family.) "The Monkey", still under the influence of her, aimed the gun at Polstar, but it was not loaded. Because of that, Polstar burned her with a flame thrower, Tarantula ricochet through the window and descended to her death.


Tarantula looks more cartoony and slightly older in the first of three albums, she appeared in. This most likely to a change of stile, chosen by the artist, but might also be seen as a hint, that she had a "rejuvenation" over the course of the story. Her final look resembles a lot Courtney, a non-evil main character of "Spoon & White", another series by the same artist. She looks basically the same, except, that Tarantula has white hair (including the pubic hair) and red eyes.

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