Tara is a villainess in the comic "Rulah, jungle goddess" number 23 (Fox Features Syndicate, February 1949) in the story "The jeweled murder".
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A  beautiful, dark haired white western woman, Tara is the assistant to Martz, an evil arm's manufacturer. When Martz travels to Africa to retrieve  a fortune in stolen diamonds hidden in an artificial tree, in order to keep his death dealing business going, Tara secretly goes there too - she has her own copy of the map he's using. She plans to double cross her boss in order to get all the diamonds for herself..and get rid of him for keeps. Tara fits herself out in clothes designed to make people think she's a supernatural "goddess" of the tree. Tara makes 2 attempts to kill Martz - the first, using a horned antelope fails when Rulah intervenes, secondly, and successfully, she operates the artificial tree - which is booby trapped - it seizes and strangles the evil businessman. Tara now has the key from Martz to open the door in the tree containing the diamonds.

Character -

Tara is ruthless, murderous, greedy and treacherous. She is also a coward. She kills one man, tries to kill Rulah, and causes the deaths of 2 wild animals. She notably gloats, very pleased with herself, as she commits her evil deeds!

Weapons -

She uses the mechanical tree, where the diamonds are hidden, to kill her boss. She uses horned antelopes as animal weapons against both Martz and Rulah. She also uses a handgun, trying to kill Rulah with it.

Fate -

Tara is ready to grab the diamonds from their hiding place in the artificial tree, Rulah appears to thwart her. The villainess tries to shoot Rulah, but only nicks her shoulder. Tara's gun jams for a moment, allowing the jungle heroine an instant to react... as more of Tara's badly aimed bullets fly past her, Rulah throws her knife which hits the evil woman's hand causing the shocked bad girl to drop her gun and fall back onto the tree, screaming for Rulah to help her, saying she will give her anything for assistance. Quickly a branch of the artificial booby trap tree comes to life, strangling Tara before Rulah is able to do anything. Rulah reflects that the evil pair hanging from the tree have got what they deserve for their wickedness.

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