The sadistic Tanya

Tanya (Katerina Brozova) is a henchwoman in the 2000 sci fi action film Last Stand.

She is a sadistic woman who enjoys torturing prisoners and her subordinates. Tanya reports to a man called General Ivan Kragov.

She has a group of personal subordinates in her room who she treats with disdain when she is being outfitted, and she later tortures one with a whip to relieve some stress.

General Kragov appears at one point to chastise her for allowing the heroine to escape. A subdued Tanya is humiliated by her boss who gropes her and gives a countdown with a pistol to her head. She pleads for her life and moans. But this soon takes an unexpected turn where the General and Tanya start kissing, with Tanya talking excitedly about the horrific suffering she's going to enjoy inflicting on the heroine, Kate Major (Kate Rodger).  The male and female heroes are later captured by Tanya, and she tortures them for information through electrocution, she also admits that she's having fun torturing them.

Later, she holds the male hero at gunpoint and gloats. Just as it looks like she's about to kill him, the heroine bursts into the room and shoots her dead.

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Katerina Brozova played sadistic henchwoman Jasmine in the 1997 movie Crackerjack 2.

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