Tammy Roberts

Villainous conspirator Tammy Roberts

Tammy Roberts (Andrea Bowen) is a minor villainess from the 2014 Lifetime film Zoe Gone. Tammy was a nurse's aid and the girlfriend of Jason Mullins (the film's main villain). She worked along with Jason in his secret business of kidnapping infants and selling them for large profits, deleting and altering any records of their victims' birth to cover his tracks. The third member of their criminal trio was Randy Chambers, Jason's stepbrother.

In the events of the movie, Tammy and Jason's latest victim was Zoe Lynne, the daughter of Randy and his girlfriend Jennifer Lynne. The two abducted the infant girl from the park while Randy was talking with Jennifer to distract her. Tammy cared for the baby at Jason's apartment, trying her best to provide for her. When the police began investigating Zoe's kidnapping, Tammy became worried, though Jason calmed her down. But on the night the couple was planning to sell Zoe to a client, Jennifer forced Randy at gunpoint to take her to Zoe. While Randy was distracting Jason, the two got into a fight that Tammy broke up. Just then, she saw Jennifer trying to escape with Zoe, causing Jennifer to pull her gun out on them. After Jason disarmed Jennifer, Tammy took Zoe away from her and allowed Jason to tie her and Randy up before the two left for their meeting with Zoe's buyer. But Jennifer was able to free herself and Randy and the two went to stop the villainous kidnappers.

While waiting for the buyer to come to them, Tammy expressed worry over the potential of the buyer hurting Zoe, which Jason viciously disregarded. Just as Tammy was getting out of the car to bring Zoe out, Jennifer and Randy attacked her. Jennifer punched Tammy before running away with Zoe, leaving the woman with a badly bleeding nose. After non-fatally shooting Randy, Jason ran after Jennifer, ignoring Tammy's pleas for help. Jason was shot and killed by Detective Patricia Henderson as he tried to shoot Jennifer, and Tammy was arrested offscreen.

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