The evil Taho wishes death on Rulah

Taho is a villainess from Zoot Comics #9. She appears in the 1947 Rulah, Jungle Goddess story Fangs Of Black Fury.

She has a dislike of the heroine Rulah, for not being jungle born and wants her dead. She also wants to clear the village so she can obtain gold hidden in the great stream. To do this she has her mate Umar bring deadly octopuses to the river to kill and scare the natives. The natives learn of this plan and kill Umar by feeding him to his own octopuses. Taho discovers this and is content with Umar's death.

She can also talk to Panthers and plans to kill Rulah with them. Eventually Taho and her panthers fight Rulah, with Rulah dodging spears thrown by Taho. Taho is killed by her own panthers when they turn on her for thinking she started a fire that sweeps through the jungle.


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