Ta-She (Lynne Lipton) is a villainess in the classic animated eighties tv series ‘Thundercats.’ She is one of the main antagonists in the episode ‘The doomgaze’ (Season one episode twelve.)

Ta-She is a beautiful but evil princess who has the power to mesmerise men with her ‘doomgaze,’ also with her great beauty. She is extremely ruthless and conspires with Mumm-Ra, the shows main antagonist.

La Miradde Ta-She

Ta-She was imprisoned in the Time Warp Prison for crimes unknown, doomed to wander around in the realm of time for eternity. However, she is contacted by Mumm-Ra, who plans to help her escape with the use of four items: the tear of a strange robotic teddy-bear creature, the shoe of a unicorn, a tuft of hair from a cheetah and a hero to take her place. Mumm-ra sends his henchmen to collect the items; he collects the tuft of hair from the virtuous heroine Cheetara, and the other items except a hero to take her place.

Lion-Oand Cheetara discover Mumm-ra sending the items to Ta-She and, because the spell is nearly complete, Ta-She is sent down from her ship but is not allowed off of a glowing podium because there is no hero to take her place. Suddenly they are attacked by Lion-O and Cheetara, but while Cheetara pursues a fleeing henchman, Ta-She mesmerises Lion-O with her seductive Doomgaze. She wraps the cape she was wearing around Lion-O to send him to the Time Warp Prison.

However, Cheetara returns and edges her way to the podium. A frantic Ta-She tries to incapacitate her with the Doomgaze, but Cheetara reveals it doesn’t work because she is a woman and is therefore immune to her ‘evil beauty.’ The heroine then rips the cape off of Lion-O and throws it onto the wicked princess, sending her back to her prison. They then defeat Mumm-ra.

Lynne Lipton also voiced Queen Tartara in the Thundercats episode ‘The crystal queen’ (see page Queen Tartara (thundercats))

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