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Sweet Mama 
(Magda Konopka) is a secondary antagonist in the 1971 Italian spaghetti western film "Blindman".

Sweet Mama runs a bordello with the help of her brother Candy (Ringo Starr). Near the start of the film, fifty young women are brought to her house of ill repute; women who were intended to be married to fifty miners, but were hijacked and stolen by a man named Domingo (the film's main antagonist). After a group of Mexican soldiers have paid to have their fun with the new unwilling prostitutes, Sweet Mama and her male cohorts have them murdered. 

Blindman, the protagonist of the story who is indeed without the sense of sight, was contracted to deliver the women to the miners, and as such, is forced to track them down. He demands that Domingo return them, however, the villain, taking advantage of his loss of vision, deceptively sends fifty old women to him instead, along with Sweet Mama who captures the hero at gunpoint. The main villains attempt to kill Blindman with a poisonous snake put into his salad bowl, but the plan falls apart once he reveals that he has Candy's love interest, Pilar hidden away somewhere.

Ultimately, Blindman eventually gets the upper hand on Sweet Mama and throws her to the fifty women so that they can give some payback for the abuse they all suffered. He then ties her to a pole in the town square and strips off her clothing, and leaves her, much to the fury of Candy upon his return.

During the film's climax, Sweet Mama makes one last ditch effort to ambush and then kill Blindman. Thinking that she has succeeded, she lets her guard down, only for the hero to quickly lock his legs around her neck and then break it. 

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