Sure Shot 6 Raina (sometimes translated as Reina) is a female ranger from Dungeon Fighter Online, like her fellow

Raina's official art

ranger Tyler. She is a well-endowed woman with a short bobbed cut dark brown hair and a rather athletic build with large breasts. She wears a purple Victorian minidress with a a brown leather belt and a white ribbon, a pair of fishnet stockings, a gun holster on her right thigh, a pair of purple high heels and a white fedora hat with a purple feather. She challenges the player when reaching the 73rd floor of the Tower of Despair

Raina is a rather challenging opponent, as she quickly regenerates her health when damaged, and a gimmick where she dies after dealing the 6th headshot at the player (hence her nickname). The 6th headshot may kill both her and the player, or even slow down the player. Other than that, Raina also has an arsenal of deadly skills such as Sonic Spike and Topspin



  • The Japanese and Korean server calls her Reina/Reyna, while the English server calls her Raina. This is possibly another case of mistranslation
  • Raina is (surprisingly) the most popular humanoid female boss among the DFO community. There's a lot of her fanarts in Pixiv and Korean sites and game forums such as Tistory and Ruliweb. On the other side, Nightna is more popular in Japan and China
  • Her name, Reina means queen in Spanish, while her character design is slightly borrowed from Spanish Conquistadors mixed with aspects of cowgirls



Raina's in-game appearance and pre-battle intro


A fanart of Raina by a Korean fan from the official Nexon forum

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