SuperAngel (Shari Eubank) is a minor antagonist in the 1975 sexploitation film "Supervixens" directed by Russ Meyer.

SuperAngel is the oversexed, demanding, and jealous wife of gas station attendant Clint Ramsey, who works at Martin Bormann's Super Service in the desert.

SuperAngel constantly harasses him at work.  In one portion of the film, Clint is visited by SuperLorna (Christy Hartburg) who gets gas for her sportscar.  When Clint is called away after receiving a phone call from SuperAngel, SuperLorna goes to use the restroom.  She comes out of the bathroom having now changed from her pink minidress into a super tight red top that makes her already large chest bulge out even more impressively.  She is also wearing small white shorts and white go go boots.  She has put her brunette hair in pigtails.  She asks "got any paper towels, good looking?"  SuperAngel overhears the female voice and gets super irritated.  Clint tells SuperAngel that he has to go get something for a customer, and puts the phone down.  After returning he throws the paper towels at SuperLorna and returns to his phone call.  SuperAngel aks who the girl was, and Clint responds that she has nothing to worry about, that she is ugly and has no tits.  The owner now calls Clint to come help with another customer, and so Clint places the phone down again. 

SuperAngel is now extremely irritated, and is yelling for Clint.  As SuperLorna is dancing, she hears SuperAngel yelling, and picks up the phone.  SuperAngel is immediately jealous to hear a female voice, and asks "who the hell is this?"  SuperLorna responds, "SuperLorna".  SuperAngel tells her to "get off the line bitch.  I want to talk to Clint Ramsey".  SuperLorna simply places the phone receiver into her cleavage, and thus muffling her.  SuperAngel then yells, "God damn it, your the one he's been balling".  SuperLorna, responds "Can't wait to strap on your groovy old man".   After hanging up on SuperAngel, SuperLorna returned to her car, but receives a cold shoulder from Clint.  She signs the credit card sheet and drives off.  SuperLorna calls back, and tells the Martin Bormann, the owner, "Listen to me good fatso, you get your kraut ass out on that pump island and tell my old man to get home now, or I'm going to burn down that fucking lean-to.

Clint finds SuperAngel's constant accusations and arguing a turn-off and, back at home, they fight after he rejects her aggressive advances.  

A neighbor calls the police as Clint leaves for a local bar, where the bartender is the very scantily clad SuperHaji (Haji).  SuperAngel claims she was attacked by Clint and goes to the hospital for her supposed injuries, however she is just trying to win sympathy.  When Clint comes by to apologize, SuperAngel takes an axe to Clint's truck window.

Meanwhile, SuperAngel seduces Harry Sledge (Charles Napier), the cop who responded to the police call.  Sledge is impotent and unable to perform.  SuperAngel repeatedly taunts and insults him over the issue.  Sledge finally goes beserk and he runs back into the house after her.  After SuperAngel locked herself in the bathroom, Harry stabbed her with a knife through the door.  He then stomped her brutally in a bathtub.  Then he threw a radio in the water which was plugged into the wall socket.  SuperAngel was electrocuted to death.  To get rid of the evidence, Sledge burned down the house, and tries to pin the murder on Clint.  Clint claims being in the pub at night, but SuperHaji has her revenge on him (for insulting her breast size earlier) by refusing to confirm his alibi.  As a result, Clint is forced to flee.

Clint goes from place to place, where he finds himself irresistible to a series of girls, all of whom have the word "Super" in their given names.  This ranges from hitchiking with SuperCherry (Colleen Brennan), an Austrian mail-order bride SuperSoul (Uschi Digard), and finally, a deaf motel owners daughter named SuperEula (Deborah McGuire).

Finally Clint meets up with SuperVixen, who is also played by Shari Eubank.  She is at a roadside diner named Supervixen's Oasis.  SuperVixen appears to be the reincarnation of SuperAngel, but she is friendly.  Clint and SuperVixen fall in love and the film cuts to SuperAngel watching atop a bedspring on a mesa, who is now an angel.  Harry Sledge arrives on the scene and plots ending the lives of the now happy couple.  However, he later is killed in an explosing.


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