Sultana (Toni Naples) is a villainess from the 1987 movie "Deathstalker II".

She is a wicked warioress, and the lover of the main villain, Jerak. Together, they have overthrown good queen Evie, with the help of an evil sosie of her. Fortunately, Deathstalker, the hero is here for the rescue. She grabs the rightful queen, and suspends her above a boiling cauldron. A sword fight ensues with the hero, who ultimately kills her before the blonde queen falls to her death.

Shortly after, Jarek resurrects Sultana so that she may again fight against the heroes. However, when things get too heated, the villainess makes a break for it and is not seen again.


  • Toni Naples appeared as Maxine, one of the three adopted undead daughters along with Patty in the 1989 comedy horror film, "Transylvania Twist".
  • Toni Naples appeared as Queen Morganna in the 1994 comedy fantasy movie "Dinosaur Island".
  • Toni Naples appeared as prison inmate Hellena in the 1993 WIP film "Prison Heat"


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