Sulia of Soulless Isle is the villainess in the story of "The Golden Knight" in the October 1940 comic Fantastic Comics #11. Sulia was a warrior queen who ruled Soulless Isle, which was inhabited by men that she had turned into monsters.

Story Edit

When confronted by the Golden Knight and Alice, Sulia was able to defeat Alice in combat, but not the Golden Knight. Since he was able to defeat her in personal combat, Sulia offered The Golden Knight her hand in marriage. He accepted, but betrayed her, and when she was dead, her monsters were turned back into men.

Sulia was a brave warrior and tricky sorceress. She was a skilled fighter who carried a sword and dagger. She could transform men into monsters, could teleport those monsters in a flash of lightning and she could command giant birds in a strange tongue. She was also said to have the most beautiful voice that the Golden Knight had ever heard.


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