Sue Cliffords

The villainous Sue Cliffords

Sue Cliffords (Roxy Wood) is a villainess from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," episode 1.03 of The Rookie (airdate October 30, 2018).

Sue Cliffords is a former basketball star, having played at USC. During her collegiate career, Sue was regarded as the Trojans' best three-point shooter. She had plans on a career in the WNBA, but her knee injury during her senior year ended her aspirations and resulted in Sue losing her scholarship, leaving her with no legitimate back-up plan to fall on. After the end of her career, Sue turned heel and resorted to committing robberies.

As shown in the episode, the evil Sue held up a diner, while brandishing a gun and wearing a full face mask. Officers Angela Lopez and Jackson West were on the call regarding the robbery, leading to a chase that ended with West tackling the robber, who was unmasked and revealed as Sue. The villainess vented over her injuries and her failed sports career, adding that her heel turn and criminal actions were due to not being qualified for anything else. Afterwards, Sue was arrested and taken into custody.


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