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Suck Doo's Female Guard (Yi-Roo Kim) is a henchwoman in the 2011 martial arts film The Kick.

Plot Edit

After the son foils an attempt to steal a priceless Thai artifact, the family becomes national heroes and the target of revenge by the criminal gang whose robbery they stopped.

The villainess first appears in police garb and after shooting the guards she changes to high heels, leather pants and black top. She is roundhoused kicked in the face by a heroine and then again by the hero. The artifact is stolen by the hero and she is seen sulking in a dress watching the news on television.

Villainess -144 from The Kick

Villainess -144 from The Kick

During a rematch in the jungle she once more appears in leather and defeats the heroine with a backwards kick.

Then, the artifact is stolen again and the villains head to the Bangkok Zoo for a final showdown. She perches herself atop the balcony overlooking the two heroines who beat up two henchmen. Stepping into the fight, she brings a switchblade and attempts to fight the two heroines. After being roundhouse kicked in the face again into a pole she decides to flee. The unnamed henchwoman climbs the poles and kicks the two

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Kicked from behind

heroines down but loses her balance and falls with a groan onto the glass panel below. Her face is plastered on the glass as she lifts herself up. As she rises, the heroine backflips and kicks her again, sending the henchwoman moaning with a thud back onto the glass panel. The

Kicked through the panel

Kicked through the panel

other heroine leaps into the air to prepare a flying kick. The henchwoman responds by lifting herself up a little with a look of disbelief. The kick shatters the glass and the henchwoman's torso is thrown backwards before her head sinks through the glass.

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