Sour Pussy 1
Sour Pussy
 (Sherrie Hartman) is a henchwoman in the 2009 Troma heavy metal horror film "Heavy Mental: A Rock-n-Roll Blood Bath".

An underling of Mrs. Delicious, she, along with two other cronies, ambush hero Ace Spades one night. Ace transformes into "Monster Ace", and becomes a tougher opponent than she was expecting. Her bolas-like weapon (with a lemon and a lime on each end) proves ineffective, as does the punch she delivers to his abdomen. Ace dispatches her by ripping off one of the oranges from her bikini top and juices it on her face. The cowardly villainess then runs away crying, spouting "Mrs. Delicious is gonna get you for this!"

Sour Pussy 2

Sour Pussy (left) with Cass (middle) and Cock Boy (right).

Sour Pussy 4

Boldly confronting the hero...

Sour Pussy 3

...and the humiliating result.

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