The evil Sorceress

The unnamed Sorceress (Kate McKinnon) is the villainess of "The Princess and the Curse", a sketch from the January 14, 2017 episode of Saturday Night Live. She first appeared to Princess Viola (then an infant) as she was being tended to by her nursemaid, bestowing onto her a curse and cackling as her nursemaid reacted in horror.

18 years later, Princess Viola was shown in a romance with Prince Benedict, with Viola revealing the nature of the sorceress' curse when Benedict asked her why she always had him leave before dark: at nightfall, Viola gained 15 pounds. Benedict reacted to the revelation with chagrin, with Viola despairing at having lost Benedict's love.

At that moment, however, the sorceress reappeared and informed Viola that there was a way to break the curse, but it would require Benedict to give up something. After Benedict vowed he would do anything to free Viola from the spell, the sorceress revealed the terms of her proposed deal: in exchange for freeing Viola, Benedict would be cursed to lose a quarter of an inch from his penis every nightfall. Both Benedict and Viola vehemently refused to agree to the deal, the evil sorceress complied and once again laughed maniacally as the sketch ended.


  • Kate McKinnon also appeared on Family Guy as villainess Karen Griffin and in the 2017 American release of Leap! as the evil Régine Le Haut.


The Princess and the Curse - SNL

The Princess and the Curse - SNL

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