Sonia and Natasha Matamouros were twins and the sisters of Portuguese football star Diamantino. Despite living on his behalf, they treated their nice but dimwitted brothers bad all their live. While he played in the Word Championship final, while watching the match on TV they quarrelled with their dad, then let him die, while watching a penalty shot, Diamantino had to perform, and ultimately failed. They also let their brother and the world  belive, that it was his failed penalty shot, which resulted in their father's stroke, while in fact he died earlier.

They had been bribed with a lot of money by Minister Ferro to persuade Diamantino into medical treatment by Dr. Lamborghini, which was aiming to clone him for a team of super football players, which should lure the Portuguese population into Nationalism. They further talked their brother into acting in a commercial for a campaign to build a wall around Portugal and exit the EU, which he did, although he found it a strange commercial and did not fully apprehend it's reason.

They also hide a fortune from his brother on offshore accounts, a fact revealed by Aisha, a lesbian special agent, who was settled in as a refugee orphan boy with Diamantino, to investigate tax fraud, but falls in love with him, when side effects of Dr. Lamborghini's treatment grow female nipples on Diamantino. When they found out about Aisha, Sonia and Natasha wanted to slaughter her with butcher knives, but she escaped with Diamantino. Finally, in the showdown of the movie, the evil twins were fatally stabbed by Aisha, after one of them attempted to shoot her in the head with an unloaded gun.


Sonia and Natasha Matamouros

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