Sonia is a villainess from the Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movie Artist and Models. She is played by Eva Gabor.

Artists & Models

In this comedy movie, Eugene Fullstack (Jerry Lewis) and Rick Todd (Dean Martin) are artists. Eugene is a goof who speaks while sleepng and his friend Rick uses these talks as inspiration for his comics about a bat lady. One of Eugenes dreams contains a top-secret rocket formula. Foreign spies are after that formula and send Sonia to get it. She first tries to seduce Rick but fails, when Ricks love interest appears. When the spies found out that Eugene is the source of the formula they try to kidnap Eugene. At a stage musical about the bat lady they capture Bessie (Shirley MacLaine). She is Eugenes love interest and the actress in the bat lady costume. They undress the costume and bound Bessie to a chair, while Sonia dresses the costume. The poor Bessie tries to get untied which shows really sexy contorted maneuvers. Sonia pretending to be Bessie takes Eugene away to the villains house. There she tries to seduce him but fails when Eugene discovers that her kisses taste different. She give Eugene sleeping pill in a drink and waits until he speaks about the formula. Meanwhile Rick and Bessie arrive at the house and try to free Eugene. Sonia calls for her 3 accomplices. While Rick and Eugene throw empty knight armors at the 3 men, Bessie takes care of Sonia. She drags Sonia into another room. What happend there is not shown but the next and last scene of Sonia is her stucking headfirst in a giant vase. Just her legs and high heels are shown moving around while she cries "Help! Get me out of here!". She is presumably arrested since the police arrives later.

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