Sona is a rare zako that appeared in the now-defunct sequel of Fighters Club, Hero: Fighters Club. She appears to be a cosplayer/idol girl with tanned skin and black hair, a rabbit ear hood, a low-rise cargo shorts, a blue spotted bikini with black thongs, black and blue sneakers, what appears to be a headset and blue veins on her left and right arms connected to a some sort of fingerless gloves. She also has a circular blue tattoo on her left waist

Sona randomly appears in level 20 and above dungeons, and serves as an impediment to the player. She is generally harmless, but she often evades the player's attacks by dancing around. Despite her quick speed, Sona can be easily taken down with several punches or other means

When she appears, a blue circular symbol appears and she appears in the middle of it. It is still unknown what does that symbol belongs to, it could be a criminal organization or something


Sona resembles a blue female Inkling from Splatoon wearing a swimsuit. However, Hero: Fighters Club was released in 2013, a few years before Splatoon was released. Whether this is a coincidence or not is still under debate. She also shares name with the League of Legends heroine Sona, despite they look different. However, DJ Sona resembles Hero: Fighters Club's Sona a little




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