Sona is a secondary villainess in the 2003 martial arts movie, Cradle 2 the Grave. She is played by Kelly Hu.

Sona is the assistant and lover of a man named Ling, who has commissioned a group of highly skilled diamond thieves to carry out an operation. Something goes wrong and the thieves fail to deliver the diamonds to their employer. After the thieves, led by Anthony Fait, fail to deliver the stolen diamonds to their client, the ruthless Ling feels betrayed and has Fait’ little daughter kidnapped in return. Ling intends to use the stones for the creation of a weapon of mass destruction. Fait and his gang, including the attractive Daria, team up with Agent Su to rescue the girl and foil the criminals’ plans.

Sona is firmly committed to her partner’s criminal cause. She enjoys the sight of violence as can be seen in a scene when she stands smiling behind Ling when he tortures someone to death. She is very bad-natured, especially towards little Vanessa, whom she slaps and viciously taunts repeatedly. When Vanessa screams for her father, she orders her to be gagged with tape.   

When the good guys storm the airport hangar where the villains hide out and where the bidding for the WMD stones is taking place, the wicked Sona reacts immediately by trying to shoot Su. She traps him into a corner and is about to kill him when she is attacked by Daria. Both women engage in a fight with uncertain outcome as the repeatedly turn the tables on each other. Evil Sona shows first signs of weariness after she gets a hefty kick into her crotch by Daria. She lands near the gun and grabs it, but Daria quickly wraps herself around her arm so that the shots go off into Sona’s own direction. The villainess gasps in shock at her self-inflicted demise and drops dead without another word.  

Villainess (Злодейка) -79

Villainess (Злодейка) -79


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  • Kelly Hu's other villainous roles include Suki Toyama from the video game Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 and Lady Deathstrike from the action film X-Men 2.

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