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Devious pickpocket Slick Chick

Slick Chick (Connie Cezon; 1925-2004) is a villainess from Tricky Dicks, a Three Stooges short released on May 7, 1953. She is a notorious pickpocket who was brought in by Shemp in the beginning of the short.

After slapping Larry, Slick Chick is interrogated by Shemp, who reminds her that she is suspected of being a pickpocket. The manipulative villainess decided to flirt with Shemp and convince him that she's not guilty of the crimes she's accused of, with Shemp being taken by Slick Chick's seduction. Just as Shemp is about to hand the villainess a match for her cigarette, both of them jump in fear at the sight of a mouse, and it was during this point that her true persona as a thief was revealed, as a bunch of stolen items were found in her pantyhose.

Shemp notices the stolen goods in Slick Chick's possession, and realized that she was tricking him. However, Shemp only asks for his matches back, which the villainess gives him before leaving, successfully getting away scot-free.

Trivia Edit

  • Connie Cezon also appeared as a villainess in 1952's Corny Casanovas, and its 1957 remake, Rusty Romeos.

Quotes Edit

  • "How dare you look like somebody I hate?!" (Slick Chick's line to Larry before she slaps him)

Videos Edit

The Three Stooges 147 Tricky Dicks 1953

The Three Stooges 147 Tricky Dicks 1953

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