The blonde


The brunette

The blonde (Anna Karin) and brunette (uncredited) henchwomen are unnamed minor villainesses from the 1984 movie A Man Called Rage (also known as just Rage).

They serve the movie's main villain Slash, a man who is after uranium for his own wicked purposes. Also after the uranium are the movie's heroes, who see it as a source that will help save mankind in the post-apocalyptic world they live in.

Their main highlights involve them cruelly laughing as they watch a man get whipped and kicked by Slash and his thugs, and later on getting involved in a gunfight with the heroes.

At the end of the movie Slash and his gang are forced to surrender as they get outnumbered by the heroes and other characters. Slash vows revenge and then he, the henchwomen, and the rest of his thugs admit defeat and leave.


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