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Sister Sophia White aka Laura Patterson (Alyshia Ochse) was the main villainess of the 2016 Lifetime film Bad Sister (originally made in 2015, airdate January 3, 2016).

Laura Patterson was a mental patient who became fixated on teenage aspiring singer Jason Brady after discovering videos of him singing online. After learning of a new nun, Sister Sophia White, who would be taking a teaching position at Jason's Catholic private school, Laura killed Sophia by bludgeoning her with a tire iron and went to the school in her place.


Once at the school, "Sophia" started working toward seducing Jason while also developing an intense hatred for Sara Croft. On one occasion, Sophia had Jason come to her chambers and then stripped sexually to her underwear for him once he came and he watched her through the cracked door as he was about to knock. To get Sara out of the way, Sophia planted marijuana in her textbook, resulting in her suspension. She also planted bottles of alcohol in Jason's room and offered to have his punishment be community service with her to give her an excuse to further seduce him. It eventually works, as she snuck into Jason's room late one night and the two had a sexual tryst that Sophia secretly recorded. Sophia coerced Jason into continuing their affair despite the boy's guilt over the event. Jason's overachieving sister Zoe began having suspicions of Sophia and, once the villainess discovered this, was set up by Sophia to be accused of cheating to silence her.

Once Sara Croft returned to school, Sophia killed her in the shower by bashing her head in, setting the scene to look like an accident. Jason confronted Sophia about Sara's death, who viciously denied her crime and threatened to expose her and Jason's unholy affair. Wanting to take Sophia down, Zoe, with Jason at her side, broke into her chambers and looked through her laptop, uncovering her true identity and her longtime obsession with Jason. When head Sister Rebecca caught on to Sophia's lies and threatened to go to the Father of the school, Sophia knocked her out with a lamp.

Sophia then confronted Jason and Zoe in the chapel. As the two siblings called her out on her actions, Sophia attempted to get Jason to come with her, but Jason refused, calling her by her true name Laura, and denounced her as "a crazy stalker who deserves to be locked up". Refusing to believe Jason does not love her, Sophia went berserk, hitting Zoe in the back of the head with a candlestick. When Jason tried to subdue her, Sophia kneed him in the crotch, declaring she was tired of everyone trying to keep her and Jason apart, and cold-heartedly admitted that she killed Sara. Declaring that she is committing her evil acts so that she and Jason could be together forever, Sophia prepared to kill Zoe with the candlestick, but was stopped by Sister Rebecca. Sophia then attacked Rebecca and attempted to strangle her to death, but she was finally stopped by Jason, who stabbed the villainess in the back with the screwdriver he used to break into her office, much to Sophia's horror. Now realizing at that moment that Jason did not love her, a heartbroken and fatally wounded Sophia then collapsed to the ground and died.