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[[Category:Fate: Deceased]]
[[Category:Fate: Deceased]]
[[Category:Demise: Fatal Brain Damage]]
[[Category:Demise: Fatal Brain Damage]]
[[Category:Sexual Sadist]]

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Sindy (Ruby O. Fee) is an antagonist in the Netflix movie 'Polar' (2019). She is a member of a hit squad that is hired to kill Duncan, the hero of the movie and a hitman about to retire. Her role is mostly to seduce the victims before the rest of the squad kills them. She seems to be a little insane and definitely enjoys her job of having sex with people just before they die.


In the opening scene of the movie she is seen having sex with a retired killer before the rest of the gang shoot him.

The squad is later hired to kill Duncan, the main hero. They follow Duncans tracks and kill a number of people on the way. One of them punches Sindy in the face and she stabs his body multiple times after his death as revenge. Another time she laughs hysterically at a victim being shot.

The squad finally finds Duncan and they set up a trap. Sindy pretends her car broke down and Duncan takes her home. There she seduces him and they have sex while the other assassins approach his house. One of them tries to shoot Duncan with a sniper rifle but fails because Duncan suddenly moves and the bullet hits Sindy instead. She survives the hit and both her and Duncan go to the floor on different sides of the bed. Sindy tells the sniper over radio about Duncan's location and Duncan realizes that she is a part of the hit squad. He shoots her in the leg and as she falls down throws an axe at her that hits her in the head.


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