Sin and Dementia 2 - Bloodstorm

Sin (left) and (Dementia) right.

Sin and Dementia are secondary antagonists in the 1994 Arcade fighting game "BloodStorm" by developer Incredible Technologies.

Sin and Dementia are both henchwomen of Nekron, the game's primary antagonist. Sin is a mandatory boss fight in the single player mode, whereas Dementia, along with all of Nekron's other servants, is hidden. Both characters are playable via secret codes at the character-select screen.

Sin's sprite uses Mirage sprite as a base for the body. Dementia's sprite uses Tempest's sprite as a base for her body.

Sin and Dementia 1 - Bloodstorm

Appearing with Nekron's other underlings.

Sin 1 - Bloodstorm
Dementia 1 - Bloodstorm
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