Shiori Tsuzuki is a Neogene and one of the few Cloneblade introduced to the animation Witchblade.


Shiori acts as the secretary and assistant of Reina Soho. She is a lesbian and is sexually infatuated with her employer (though this is mostly cut off in the censored version aired in Japan), whom she affectionately addresses as "Sensei" (or Doctor in the English dub).

She's also a Cloneblade. She is the very first one to fight against Masane. Nicknamed "Diva", she acts arrogant and confident, but is soon revealed to have little to no control over her impulses as a Cloneblade. She brutally beats Masane and chases her relentlessly only to be stopped by Reina herself. During her fight with Masane her Cloneblade is critically damaged. As a result, her impulses and emotion become enslaved by the carnal drive of her cloneblade. She quickly becomes a psychotic maniac, slaughtering and raping for pure pleasure. In the end, she succeeds in unlocking the full powers of the Cloneblade albeit for a short moment. After attacking and beating Masane, she attempts to rape Takayama. However, her body crumbles into crystal dust before she is able to rape her beloved sensei's lover. Reina asked for the crystal dust for examination but she was given only the cloneblade. The crystal dust was analysed by Special Machines Division at Doji Group Industries and find out that the Cloneblade consumed her. Before Reina battled Maria, she questioned her feelings toward Rihoko and wonder if that was what Shiori felt before she died.

It is worth noting that Shiori, while being a minor character, is one of the most sadistic and depraved characters in the anime series.


Her cloneblade armor is blue and cyan, but turns to blue and red after unlocking her full power. While in her Cloneblade form she sports a large scythe-like blade, and later gains one on both arms.

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