The Shermans are recurring antagonists on the God Mazinger anime and manga.

They are portrayed by, Yumi Takada and Eriko Hara.

Role in animeEdit

Episode 1: Revival of the Legendary GiantEdit

During the ceremony to resurrect God Mazinger, Sherman (Mitsumeta) who turned into a maid of Heroine · Islay was trying to kill Islay but it was hindered by the Knights Head and battle. At the end, the death comes to an end.

Episode 3: The Mystery of the Light-BearerEdit

Several Sherman appeared following Joname who was ordered to destroy God Mazinger. However, due to the failure of the strategy, it is executed with an attack like a beam of Dorado.

Episode 7: Disappearing MazingerEdit

In the ruins where God Mazinger is, two Sherman led by Joname who has entered becomes a battle with the protagonist Yamato. After swordsmouth, one person is bisected right from the front, and the other is bisected by inseparable and "Oh ... ah ah ah!" "Oh ah huh" and raise a sharp scream and die.

Episode 8: Hurry! Warrior YamatoEdit

Sherman troops stop their hero and friends heading for God Mazinger. Many appearances, but two of them have a scene to be slain dead, scream and raise his breath.

Aira Captured- episode 11Edit

In this story, the enemies captured the Isla of the heroine and the hero Yamato headed for rescue gets caught. Two Sherman who accompanies the captured Yamato are instantly killed at the speed of being screamed by the Swordsman of Kingdom of Mu and they are killed instantaneously. In addition, the shaman protecting the captured Heroine · Isra's prison is the enemy's prince Eldo A scene that is knocked down by a beat (pattern dedicated to dedication) was seen, and he was stunned by saying "Vu" "Uaah" .

Episode 14: Fear of the Light-BearersEdit

The protagonist Yamato and heroine Islay show ghosts by God Mazinger. In that ghost, Yamato is attacked by a shaman who has turned into a girls high school student, but after a momentary intersection they fall down while falling apart.   After that, the hero released from illusion was attacked by a huge lizard, but its identity was a shaman. Sherman reveals identity and at the same time takes Isla hostages, but crushes himself by fruit thrown by the hero's sister. Immediately after being thrown away, Yamato was cut twice over and died / annihilated.

Episode 15: The Wandering Muu PeopleEdit

The main fortress gets be occupied by a shaman unit led by Joname, which was scheduled to be accepted by people of Mu who became evacuated people. Therefore, the hero and the four swordsman attack the fortress at night.

First, the guard shaman is dropped with a rope hanging around the neck, and another shaman who noticed it is also dropped on the ground (there is a depiction of the dead).

After that, While the hero attracts the shaman, Islay tries to bring out the gunpowder of the gunpowder, but it is found in the shaman. However, Islay hurls the shaman that attacks in the manner of jumping, grabbing behind and killing him a bit. When Islay tried to leave the room, it was attacked by Sherman again, but one cuts down by mistake (there is a description that the abdominal cut Sherman disappears). Another shaman is attacking and becomes antagonistic with Islay, but the heart is stabbed and died in the gap which was distressed by the returning hero.

There is also a battle scene in another place inside the fort, and the shaman is killed.

Episode 18: The Marvelous Ocean FloorEdit

Sherman (and Joname) attacks the heroes who search the ruins and manipulates the wing dragon and starts attacking. After that, when God Madginger fell to the depth, it got caught in the wings and sinks together. At this time, the shaman barely can confirm that the wing dragon is on, but after that it is unknown. However, the wing dragon that was on board will become white and rise and will rise up, so it is highly likely that she died.

Episode 19: The Deadly Ocean ExplorationEdit

Sherman troops attack the heroes who continue searching for ruins after the previous episode. Shaman being beaten the face, Sherman skewered at the hero, Sherman crushed by Godmazinger can be seen.

Episode 20: The Wrath of DoradoEdit

Joname - sama ascension times. Joname and four shamans attack the underground temple of the fort.

One is attacked by a hero's friend and it is skewered in the air, and it rings up and screaming is raised and it disappears while suffering.

One person is torn down and disappears during swordsmanship.

One person is killed in the broken cracks in the story and dies. It is unknown what happened to one.

Since Joname has died, Sherman will not appear in the story after this.


  • Yumi Takada also appeared on Case Closed as the evil Minayo Hasaka.

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A Sherman on the Making A Difference badge.

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