Sheila Ganz

The evil Sheila Ganz

Sheila Ganz aka Fox (Lucy Gaskell) is a villainess from "The Animals", episode 1.07 of Crossing Lines (airdate July 28, 2013). She was the lone female member of a gang of armed thugs who invaded the International Bank of Haag, taking everyone inside hostage. Sheila was initially referred to as Fox, as she wore a fox mask while storming the bank, matching the animal masks of her male cohorts.

As Alex Vaughn, the gang's leader, tormented their hostages, Sheila went to the bank's vault with "Bear", one of Sheila's fellow robbers, and a security guard who was assisting their heist, where Bear began drilling into the vault floor. When the guard began asking Sheila for a larger split of the money he believed her gang was planning to rob, the evil Sheila responded by slitting the man's throat, killing him.

The ICC eventually found Sheila's identity and realized that her gang's true motive for breaking into the bank: Sheila's husband, Konrad Ganz, was serving a life sentence in a prison near the bank. An old sewer line under the bank also led to underneath the prison, and the gang's true objective was to break Konrad out. Sheila and her crew were able to break Konrad out, but were soon afterwards caught and arrested.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucy Gaskell also appeared on Ransom as the evil Aunt Gina.


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