Sheila Cornhole 3 - American Dad
Sheila Cornhole (Heather Anne Campbell) is the main antagonist of "Downtown", the second episode of the seventeenth season of the animated comedy "American Dad!".

When Haley Smith accidentally locks her keys in the car while driving her brother Steve to his PPSATs, the two siblings try a random suburban house nearby with hopes of using a phone. Sheila, who is currently hosting a meeting for "Mitchell & Webb Beauty Products", answers and invites them in. Haley makes the call to AAA and the two leave. However, when Steve realizes that he left his lucky test pencil in the residence, he rushes back in, only to find Sheila physically abusing one of the M&W partners, Tracy, for not making enough sales. The villainess then has another woman, Chopper, shoot Tracy in the head.

After Steve screams upon witnessing the murder, Sheila and the women begin searching the neighborhood for them. The siblings rush to the police station, only to later find out that the chief of police is also in cahoots with Mitchell & Webb. Eventually, Sheila spots the two and prepares to kill them with a bazooka. Fortunately, several street hockey kids who were helped by Haley earlier in the episode show up and return the favor by plugging the weapon with their ball, causing both the bazooka and Sheila to explode.

Sheila Cornhole 2 - American Dad

The murder.

Sheila Cornhole 1 - American Dad

The climax

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