Sharon Wimple
is the primary villainess of the 1981 Italian sci-fi horror comic "Terror Blu #113: Il Campione Nero". She was created by Carmelo Gozzo (story) and Vittorio Coliva (artist).

A woman who comes from the year 2605, Sharon uses time travel to go to back to the 1800's. There, she frames a male slave named Tom for rape, and then pretends to be his powerful savior after rescuing him from being lynched. The catch, he has to do as she says, or else she'll send him back to his certain death.

Traveling next to the year 1981, the duo kidnap white women from all over the world, where Tom, who has now built up his strength by being a professional boxer, beats the women to death, while Sharon watches sadistically. Her reasoning, that this would be a great way for Tom to get revenge on the race that oppressed him, when in reality, she is a sadist who knows that she would not be able to legally torture and murder anyone in her own time period.


Sharon transports Tom to her home.

Because there is such secrecy about who Tom is and where he comes from, an investigative reporter named Muriel Bowden trails him from a boxing match back to his home, and eventually stumbles onto Sharon's time machine, where she accidentally transports herself to 2065. Inside Sharon's future home, she reads her diary and learns the truth about what she's done and what her motives for doing so are. Muriel returns to the "present" and reveals everything to Tom, who then kills Sharon in a fit of rage.


Admiring Tom's violent handywork.


Tom chooses a specific area to give Sharon his finishing blow.

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