Shandray 1 Solarbabies
(Sarah Douglas) is one of the main antagonists in the 1986 post-apocalyptic sci-fi film "Solarbabies". 
She is a scientist who works at the Aquabunker; a facility of the Protectorate, which controls all of Earth's water supply.

Early in the film, a mysterious alien life force called Bodhai is discovered by a young boy named Daniel (Luke Haas). The child and his friends (a small group known as the "Solarbabies") live at a grueling and oppressive orphanage under the authority of a man named Grock (Richard Jordan). Upon learning of the Bodhai, Grock attempts to seize it, knowing that it has come to free the waters of Earth once more

Sarah Douglas Solarbabies
Grock seeks the help of Shandray in order to destroy the alien orb. Wanting to take credit for having accomplished such a feat, she agrees and has her robotic creation, Terminack - who, as she puts it "can squeeze the color from a ruby, deathly pluck the eye from a living bird, and has been programmed to enjoy what he does" - to kill Bohdai. However, the Solarbabies intervene, and both Shandray and Grock are ultimately killed, allowing the alien to carry out it's intended mission. 

Shandray's demise happens when Daniel and Shandray fight over the mysterious orb.  Shandray's hands begin to burn from the orb, and she backs up into a computer terminal and is electrocuted to death.


  • Sarah Douglas appeared as one of the Kryptonian villains, Ursa  in the 1984 film, "Superman II".
  • Sarah Douglas appeared as Taramis , the Evil Queen of Shadizar in the 1984 film, "Conan the Destroyer".
  • Sarah Douglas appeared as the sorcerer Lyranna in the 1991 fantasy adventure film "Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time".
  • Sarah Douglas appeared as Monica Shavetts in the 1992 comedy movie "Meatballs 4".


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