Shahdee posing
Shahdee is the central villainess for the beginning of the game in which she is instructed by the Empress to kill the Prince. In the game she is shown to be more than formidable with her dual-wield swords and is able to go head to head with the prince. When she begins to attack the ship she walks up a staircase as her minions attack the ship, the camera zooms in on the villainess ass as she walks in her sexy attire. She enforces her minions to kill the prince soldiers and him as well. In wake of success Shahdee kills most of prince's fleet and faces Prince with confidence.

That beautiful view.

When the player fights her she can attack with a variety of skillful attacks with her swords and can use her kicks. After the battle Shahdee clearly has the edge and kicks the defeated Prince off the boat. Later, she discovers he lived and tried to warn the empress, however the Empress was not happy to hear it and decided to fight Shahdee. Shahdee gains the edge again,but this time it's the empress. The Prince interferes and declares vengeance for her killing his men. The Prince is able to kill her by stabbing her in the stomach. As she lays dying she says "you cannot change your fate" and dies.


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