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The sinister Shady Lady

The Shady Lady is a comic book female gangster, the evil boss of a mob of bank robbing thugs.

Appears in - "The Blue Beetle" no. 51 (USA. Fox Features Syndicate. December 1947).

The "Blue Beetle" comic recounts the crime busting (and sometimes Nazi busting during WW2) adventures of a mysterious masked hero (one with no special powers). His true identity is policeman Dan Garrett (sometimes Garret). During his adventures he is often assisted by reporter Joan Mason (on and off again girlfriend of Dan Garrett, though she doesn't know his secret identity).

In the course of this story, Shady (who uses a perfume shop as a front) and her hoods commit 2 bank raids. Blue Beetle is assisted by intrepid Daily Planet reporter Joan Mason in busting Shady's criminal operation, tracking down and capturing the gangsteress and her men.

Appearance -  Shady is a dark haired Caucasian woman who appears to be about 30; attractive, if evil looking.

Character - Cunning, greedy and ruthless. Egotistical and smug. Shady sets fire to her shop, deliberately leaving Joan Mason to be killed in the conflagration - which she would have been without being rescued at the last moment  by the Blue Beetle. She intends to kill both Beetle and Joan when they are her captives near the end of the story.

Weapons - Handgun

Fate - While Blue Beetle deals with her men, a confident, angry and vengeful Joan Mason launches herself at Shady, delivering a punch to her face which knocks the villainess down. On the floor, Joan positions herself  over the defeated and captured gangsteress who, panic stricken and cowardly, bawls for help. The cops, who Joan had called earlier, arrest Shady.

Notes - The comic is in the public domain.

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