Seteki after resurrecting

Seteki is the antagonist and final boss of the 2018 action game Strange Brigade.

Story Edit

Seteki, an Egyptian Pharoh, ruled tyrannically, using black magic. Wadjet, the Goddess of Time and Justice, opposed Seteki's barbaric rule, and along with her priests waged went to war against the witch queen, eventually leading to her defeat. Seteki's body was hidden in a nameless tomb and all record of her existence was erased, her name living on only in legend.

Several thousand years pass, archaeologist Edgar Harbin releases Seteki's spirit after he opened her tomb to further his career. Veronica Brownage, an agent of the Department of Antiquities who was keeping an eye on Harbin, managed to send a distress message to headquarters prior to the release. The Department dispatches the Strange Brigade, a team of people experienced in defending the British Empire from supernatural threats to uncover what Seteki is after.

The Strange Brigade set out across Egypt to foil Seteki's plans and rid the world of her undead army. After destroying the last soul cage, which Seteki is using to harness the power of trapped souls, the Brigade are informed that they are not finished yet, as Seteki herself is still loose and may have a plan for world destruction by opening a bridge between the mortal realm and the Underworld. 

Strange Brigade - Seteki & Ammit - Final Boss Fight - Gameplay (PC HD) -1080p60FPS-

Strange Brigade - Seteki & Ammit - Final Boss Fight - Gameplay (PC HD) -1080p60FPS-

The Brigade sets out to finish Seteki off, following her into the underworld, finding her in control of the demon beast Ammit, the Devourer of Souls. Seteki commands Ammit to attack the Brigade, however they manage to break her control over it, and after sufficiently enraging the demon, it turns on the witch queen and devours her, ending her threat to humanity once and for all.

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