Selina Matias (nee Pereira) is the main antagonist in the Philippine drama series, during the 90's era from the Filipino television series Mula Sa Puso (From The Heart).

She is considered the most depraved fictional Filipina character.

Villainous actsEdit

  • Perpetrating an acid attack which left a scar on Magda's face (Via's mother).
  • Killing her own henchman Abdon with a timed bomb put inside a briefcase of cash. In the original version she killed him for blackmailing her, while in the movie version she did it because he accidentally killed her daughter, Nicole.
  • Asking her henchmen to kidnap, torture, rape and finally murder Elena; a woman whom she paid to pretend as Via's biological mother but later betrayed and blackmailed her.
  • Sending her henchmen to rape Mariel, a former housemaid of the Pereiras whom she had a fight with over a custard.
  • Sending her henchmen again to rape Atty. Elaine Regalado, a disturbed prosecuting lawyer who was helping Mariel after filing a case against her, was once a rape victim as well. And because of what she did, the poor lawyer was put under a mental case for real.
  • Her most infamous crime and evil of all, the bus explosion scene. She instructed her henchmen to plant a bomb inside a bus, mistakenly thought that Via was inside it, killing all the innocent passengers instead. The scene was made more famous because of her demonic like laugh in front of the burning bus.
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