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Selena Palmer is the secondary protagonist of the 1987 Italian erotic comic story "Padrone del Sesso", part of the episodic series "Il Marchese" and first published in "Dottoressa #3". She was created by artist Giovanni Romanini.

Selena is the niece of Samuel Palmer, the arch nemesis of the series protagonist Belisarius "Bel" Gold. Samuel is also the caretaker of Selena, and she is sickened by how reserved and ladylike he wants her to be. Rather, she desires to travel the world freely, find all sorts of different men and "get fucked by them without some protective gorilla standing right outside the door".

Samuel holds a meeting for his organization "A&K" which aims to moralize the world and discusses how he plans to finally nail Belisarius. Selena eavesdrops on the meeting and, after hearing that Bel is "a bisexual, fetishist, sadomasochistic, necrophiliac murderer, a torturer, and a drinker of blood", her thought response is "Sounds like my kind of fella!"

Selena decides to play a joke on Samuel that "he'll never forget" and travels to Bel's castle, where a large orgy is being held. Though getting payback for her uncle's overprotection was her initial goal, being amongst such depravity compels her want to help the deviant host even more. She volunteers the information that one of Samuel's spies is currently among the group and singles her out. Bel then captures the woman and burns her alive in a macabre ceremony.

Selena Palmer 2 - Il Marchese

Swooning after hearing all of the horrible details about Bel

Selena also appears in the following episodes "Scandal Club" and "La Vergine Spezzata"; the latter in which she helps Bel steal half of a valuable painting from her uncle.

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