Scylla as seen in Hugo Slot

Scylla (general international name) is a vain and wicked witch who is the greatest enemy of the troll Hugo and his family and friends in the Hugo TV game shows, video games, and other media. Scylla's other names in qarious countries include Sculla (alternative international), Afskylia (Danish original version), Cadı Sila (Turkey), Griselda (גריזלדה) (Israel), Hexana (Germany), Maldiva (Portugal), Maldícia (Brazil), and Mordana (Croatia).

Story[edit | edit source]

Addressing and taunting the player in her original scenario

In her lair in the Israeli comic book

Scylla & Don Croco

Her Evilness in The Evil Mirror (2D)

Scylla is extremely cruel and power-hungry, and especially obsessed with magically preserving her beauty and youth forever, even as she really is extremely (hundreds of years) old. This usually involves kidnapping Hugo's wife Hugolina and usually also their kids and then trying to stop him. She has terrible magic powers and various minions (notably the man-crocodile Don Croco who is one-sided love with her while she abuses him constantly), and usually lives in either her lair near the Troll Forest or in her various castles, including Don Croco's pirate fortress in the volcano Jungle Island. In later games, her goals, besides general mischief and wanton evil (such as trying to sabotage Christmas by repeatedly kidnapping Santa Claus, or to destroy the Kukurian creatures just because they annoyed her by being happy), are often centered around gaining ultimate evil powers and/or vengeance on her hated enemy Hugo, who keeps foiling her plots and humiliating her, by destroying him or even all the trolls. And so, again and again, it is up to Hugo and sometimes his family members (aided by the player, whose existence Scylla is aware of) to defeat the witch's magic and minions, and give to her what she deserves.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

ITE video games[edit | edit source]

Some concept art pictures

  • As antagonist: Hugo på nye Eventyr, Hugo 2, Hugo 3, Hugo (GameBoy), Hugo 4, Hugo 5, Hugo 2 (GameBoy), Hugo: Winter Games, Hugo 6, Hugo Gold, Hugo (PSX), Hugo Saves Christmas, Hugo: The Magic Journey, Hugo: The Magic Oak, Hugo 2 1/2 (GameBoy), Hugo (PlayStation), Hugo Platin, Hugo 2 (PlayStation), Hugo XL, Hugo: Jungle Island, Hugo: Scylla's Revenge, Hugo: The Bewitched Rollercoaster, Hugo: Jungle Island 2, Hugo: The Secrets of the Forest, Hugo: The Quest for the Sunstones, Hugo: Black Diamond Fever, Hugo: Heroes of the Savannah, Hugo Titan, Hugo: The Forces of Nature, Hugo: Black Diamond Fever (GBC), Hugo Krypton, Hugo: The Evil Mirror, Hugo: The Evil Mirror (GBA), Hugo in Space, Hugo in the Snow, Hugo: Black Diamond Fever 1-3, Hugo: Cannon Cruise, Hugo: The Evil Mirror (2D), Hugo: Penguin Battle.
  • As an optional player character: Smakkaball, Bukkazoom!

Other video games[edit | edit source]

Scylla is also antagonist of Hugo: The Evil Miror 2 & 3 (mobile), Kuzya: Adventure With English, Kuzya: New Year's Eve, Kuzya: Adventure With English 2, Hugo Retro Mania, Hugo: Troll Race, Hugo World, Hugo: Flower Flush, Hugo Slot, Hugo: Troll Race 2, Hugo Slot 2.

Scylla, the evil Queen of Witches, facing Hugo leading the forces of good in Troll Wars

Hugo: Troll Wars (a Clash of Clans clone) is different than other games in that the players can choose to become generals for either Queen Scylla or King Hugo, fighting "for glory and riches" in a great war between the evil witches and their minions and the trolls and their allies. The game-maker program Hugo: Game Factory enables one to create a simple 2D platform game with Scylla as enemy, and Hugo Goal has Scylla as just a referee.

Live-action[edit | edit source]

  • Julia Haacke in live-action roles in Die Hugo Show
  • Maya Bahir in a live action role in the Israeli stage show Hugo in the Magic Kingdom

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

Scylla casting lightning bolts at Hugo in a Polish comic

Non-game appearances include:

  • The Hugo TV shows around the world
  • Israeli comic book, Turkish story book Cadı Sila'ya Karşı, Danish labirynth books (including Hugo i de afskyelige labyrinter, Hugo i de fantastiske labyrinter, and Farefulde labyrinter med Hugo), some other books
  • Various mini comics and illustrations in magazines such as Polish Świat Przygód z Hugo and Baw Się i Koloruj z Hugo
  • Comic creator programs, some of the assorted merchandise (including music CD Hugo & The Witch)
  • Assorted merchandise

Other versions[edit | edit source]

Various non-canonical depictions in magazines and other media:

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