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The villainous Schoolteacher

The unnamed Schoolteacher (Lyndsey Marshal) is a villainess from the controversial short film No Pressure, released by the global warming mitigation campaign, "10:10" (release date October 1, 2010).

The schoolteacher appeared in the first segment of the film, informing her elementary school class about the 10:10 campaign, which constituted everyone cutting their carbon emissions down by 10%. After discussing the idea with her students, and encouraging them to take part in the idea, she asked for a show of hands of how many of them would be interested in the program.

The schoolteacher was pleased when most of her class raised their hands, and told the two uninterested students (Phillip and Tracy) that it was their choice not to participate. As the bell rang, however, the teacher pressed a red button on her desk, causing Phillip and Tracy to violently explode, much to the horror of their classmates. But the evil schoolteacher, unfazed by the deaths of her students, proceeded to remind her students of their reading assignment for the next day as she casually wiped blood from her face.


  • The Schoolteacher's segment of No Pressure created much controversy for its' violent nature, resulting in the short film being pulled from public circulation on the same day as its' release.



10-10 mini-movie - No Pressure