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Tura Satana plays the evil wicked Chinese communist spy "Satana" in the 1968 film, "The Astro-Zombies". Satana is attempting to locate Dr. Demarco's indestructible artificial man that he created. Demarco (John Carradine) has been building his zombies by stealing body parts from people and using them to create the ultimate living people, controlled by radio transmission. Unfortunately, the brain used in his zombie came from that of a psychopath killer, and goes on a homicidal rampage. Satana is attempting to locate the zombies to create her own supermen to take over the world. The zombies are humanoid, with large skeletal heads with insect like eyes. Their electronic organs are solar-powered. Satana is played by the voluptuous Tura Satana.

Satana is the lead spy who wears incredibly sexy outfits which show off her curves. She has a nasty streak to her, and you don't want to cross her. She kills several people using her handgun in the movie.

Tura Satana Astro Zombies
After locating Dr. Demarco's evil lab, she attempts to gain control of his secrets. In the process she kills Demarco. However, after she shoots him, Demarco pulls the zombie's self destruct switch. This activates a second zombie, who then turns on Satana. Satana is forced into a high voltage box, which results in her frying to death.


  • Tura Satana appeared as Rabbit, the leader of the Toulouse Elite Guards in the episode "The Moulin Ruse Affair" of the TV series "The Girl from U.N.C.L.E., which appeared on January 17, 1967.
  • Tura Satana appeared as Varla , the main antagonist in the 1965 exploitation film "Faster Pussycat! Kill Kill".


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