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Satan Girl is the titular protagonist of the 1979 Italian sci-fi erotic comic series "Satan Girl". A total of twenty four issues were released.

Satan Girl is a wanted criminal from the planet Nyvarh. Charged with fraud, armed robbery, and five accounts of murder, she escapes prison by killing one of the female guards and steals a spaceship. She realizes that she must find a new planet with a breathable atmosphere and chooses Earth as this new home. En Route, she is spontaneously met with a version of her own self from a parallel dimension. Unlike Satan Girl, this doppleganger is in fact peaceful, kind and reserved. Nevertheless, that does not stop Satan Girl from seducing and then killing her.

Satan Girl arrives on earth and immediately steals an identity, along with a vehicle. Her first priority is creating more doses of Xyplak; a substance which she needs to survive. From there, she creates mayhem for those around her.

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