Initially Sarah was the wife of a pastor

Sarah Newlin, played by Anna Camp, is a recurring evil babe of the HBO television series True Blood. She appeared during seasons 2, 3, 6 and 7.

At the beginning she is the wife of an anti-vampire pastor. She gradually seduces a student to make love to her. Her husband confides to the same student that he can not stand her because she decides everything. Subsequently have seen the pastor and his wife to play in full TV show and learn in the 3 seasons he divorced and the pastor that writing a book in between was gay. Although Sarah Newlin later became the mistress of the governor of Louisiana, she influenced empoisoner for the "True Blood" is the drink of vampires. It thus want their contract to a horrible disease that will kill atrociously. She shut many vampires in the premises of "True Blood" and there did do terrible experiences of torture.

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  • Anna Camp would go on to star as the evil Sabrina Price in the 2015 Lifetime film Caught

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