Evil assistant bank manager Sara

Sara (Moniqua Plante) is the hidden secondary villainess from "Gun Twisted," episode 2.02 of Femme Fatales (airdate June 1, 2012). She is an assistant bank manager and a revealed co-conspirator in a plot to rob her own bank.

Sara had a crush on Laurie, a teller at the bank, and she was approached by Laurie while working late one night. Laurie had known about Sara's crush, and that led to the two women undressing and engaging in a sexual encounter, much to Sara's delight. After their tryst, the pair colluded together to rob their bank, which involved Laurie heading to a shooting range and seducing Bart into helping her with the robbery. She did so by painting Sara as a jealous woman who got her fired from her job, prompting Bart to plan the robbery. During the robbery, Sara was targeted and assumingly one of many killed by Laurie.

However, Sara's reveal came after Laurie shot Bart, as she rose up after playing possum and stood next to her villainous lover. Laurie revealed their entire relationship and plan to Bart, who later succumbed to the gunshot, and following this, the evil Sara played the role of the "sole survivor"; fingering Bart as the sole robber and killer while Laurie got away--officially succeeding in their plan.

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