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Sappho Living is the protagonist of the 1977 gender-reversed King Kong parody "La Signorina Kong" in the Italian comic "EP Risate #25".

Sappho is a famous yet frustrated film director. Her latest movie is about a male explorer who gets captured by a tribe of female natives in the jungle. However, said lead actor ends up quitting after being forced into a cauldron of water which - due to Sappho's desire for realism - was actually boiling.

Sick and tired of her male actors being so "uncooperative" in her projects, she decides to change course and film a movie on Skull Island; the very same area that was the inspiration for the 1933 film "King Kong". Sappho finds a young man named Bruce Faggot shoplifting from a store in London. She pays the shopkeeper for the stolen item and then invites Bruce back to a bar, where she then drugs him and sneaks him onto her ship.

With her assistant Pussy, who she forces herself upon sexually, and an all-female crew, she sails to the fabled destination. When the natives divulge that a sacrifice must be offered to make Miss Kong appear, Sappho has no qualms about immediately volunteering Bruce. Once the bait is snatched, the director gasses the female supergorilla and takes her back to London.

Shortly after arriving, Kong goes on a rampage in the city, crushing lovers in cars mid- intercourse, urinating into office buildings, and destroying a passenger plane. Rather than being horrified at the carnage her actions have led to, however, Sappho is ecstatic as she has manged to capture it all on film. Knowing that she now has the greatest movie under her belt, she even gleefully compares herself to the Roman emperor Nero, while Pussy performs oral sex on her.

Much like the character of Carl Denham that she is based on, it is never stated if Sappho receives any sort of punishment for what she has caused.

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