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Sandra Hurst (Edina Ronay) is a secondary antagonist in the 1968 epiosde "To Trap a Rat" for the TV series "The Champions".

The team is on the trail of a drug gang that is responsible for several deaths in London.  They are placing the drugs in peanuts and selling them from a vendor in the zoo.  Craig Stirling (Stuart Damon) follows the vendor to Chesterfield Motors, where we are introduced to Sandra Hurst who is part of a number of women posing as workers helping to distribute the drugs.

Richard Barrett (William Gaunt) pretends to abduct Sandra as she is walking her dog in the park, and Craig arrives to thwart her would be attacker.  When Craig calls for the police, she asks him to stop, and instead invites him up to her apartment for a drink.

Once inside her apartment, he signals down to Richard that he is in, which Sandra notices.  She contacts Mr. Big on the phone, and Craig overhears the number being dialed.  Sandra agrees to go to dinner with him, and Mr. Big meets them at the restaurant.  Sandra takes Craig to Mr. Big's house, and then leaves when Mr. Big pulls out a pistol.  This is the last we see of Sandra, but the team takes down Mr. Big and his operation, so it is assumed that Sandra will be apprehended for her distribution of the illegal drugs.


  • Edina Ronay appeared as the enslaved Saria, who takes on evil Martine Beswick appeared as the amazon Queen Kari in the 1967 film, "Prehistoric Women".
  • Edina Ronay appeared as Guy Champion in the 1974 UK movie "Zapper's Blade of Vengeance".