Samm Jang is a rogue female brawler from Dungeon Fighters Online who appears as the boss of Moonlight Tavern.

Samm Jang's official art

She is a mature woman with a bluish silver twin-braided hair with rings, slightly tanned skin and a rather slender build. She wears a green bikini with a white midriff-baring tubetop underneath, white silk pants that exposes some parts of her thighs, a pair of brown sandals, a bracelet on her left arm, a pair of diamond earrings and a white flower adorning her forehead. She also wears a pair of gloves with metal claws embedded in it

Samm Jang fights alongside her underlings, which consists of drunk bullies and thugs that works for her in the tavern. It is advised to take out her henchmen first, before facing her. She mostly relies on ailment skills such as Brick Buster and Heaven's Net. She sometimes also pins the player and slashes him/her on the face. To makes things worst, Samm Jang has a relatively short cooldown time for her skills, which enables her to dish out skill spams on the player



  • Her sprite displays a green sports bra instead of a bikini. This was made due to graphical limitations
  • Her design might be based of female Muay Thai fighters, mixed with aspects of assassins and bandits alike


Samm Jang's in-game sprite

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