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Salome was an evil witch who usurped the throne of her twin sister. Appeared in Savage Sword of Conan (1974) #5. Art by John Buscema


Salome was born a princess to the kingdom of Khauran in the Hyborian era, along with an identical twin sister Taramis. Salome was born with a crimson crescent on her chest, a mark of a witch. The King and queen knew the evil lineage of the crimson crescent, so Salome as a baby was secretly brought to the desert and abandoned to die. Salome was saved from the desert by an evil wizard. Salome learned dark witchcraft from him over several years, but was cast out again. The wizard considered her a common witch, not worthy of his teachings. Salome desired to regain her heredity and planned for conquest…

20 years after her birth, Taramis was the benevolent Queen of Khauran. Her Captain of the Guards was the trusted Conan the Cimmerian. This is when Salome returned to Khauran and allied with an exiled mercenary, Constantius, to usurp her sister for the throne of Khauran. Salome impersonated her sister, ordering that the Constantius’ Shemite mercenary army could enter the town. Taramis was then awoken by Salome, who used witchcraft transport into her bedroom. Salome told Taramis of her history and plans to overtake the kingdom. Salome was severely cruel to Taramis out of spite, imprisoning her and even allowing Constantius to rape her.

Salome continued to pose as Queen Tamaris. She disbanded the Khauran army and let the ruthless Shemite army take over the city. A short rebellion followed, led by Conan, but he was captured. Under Salome’s rule, the people of Khauran lived in pain and humiliation. Taramis remained secretly imprisoned and tortured by Salome for many months. Salome used her armies to conquer more regions, while practicing demonic sacrifices of her subjects to increase her supernatural powers. Through these rituals, she gained control of a powerful demonic beast named Thaug.

Conan, having escaped, led another rebellion against Salome. He took a small contingent of soldiers and used the secret passages under the city walls to reach the prison where Taramis was kept. Salome slew all the soldiers and kidnapped Taramis, taking her to the crypt as a sacrifice to Thaug. Salome tried to use Taramis as a hostage against Conan, but new captain of the guard Marcios jumped from a passage above Salome and stabbed her in the chest with his sword, breaking the crimson crescent. Salome screamed in pain, but would not die right away as her demonic powers were prolonging her life. She struggled to her feet in the crypt, emerging on the high steps of her sacrificial temple. She desperately summoned the demon Thaug before finally succumbing to her wound, failing down the steps to her death.

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